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to my American Home page at Tripod's. Yes I managed to sneak in all the way from Holland.
Wonderful huh? My name is Michiel, Michael or Mike if you like.What I like best about
the Internet is the chance to meet so many different people and from different places.
I always want to learn new things and have great fun with email.

This a new page of mine just being made click on the banner below to see my web-site in Holland.

The topics I like to talk about are many but here's a list of 10:

Computers, Internet, making a home page etc.
What makes people do the things they do
Economics, stocks
Every day life
Future plans

That is just a few of my interests I hope there is something there you like.

Links about the City of Leiden

Click here to see pictures of historic Leiden

Click here to see someting about the Ospel blues festival

Click here to see various pictures and things I made with Paint Shop Pro

After you've gone through some of my links especially the links about Leiden and you have become interested in Leiden you could try and look for a book at Amazon (if you still have time for reading a book, happily more and more people do these days).
You could begin with typing in "Leiden" at the search box.

Amazon is as far as I know the biggest online bookstore and now I have the biggest
online CD shop on my page as well, so hey no need to go anywhere else anymore.
Look for an Artist or a song you haven't heard for some time, and see what shows up.

Album Title
Song Title

And a couple of links for you to click on;

This is my chat program

Click here to send me some email

The Desk and the hardware where I'm working on.

CLick on the Album Cover to hear a preview of the new Rolling Stones CD

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