Historic Leiden:

Number 1: These very small houses used to house factory workers and there large families about 100-25 years ago nowadays you'll find students and yuppies living there.
I  guess she's  late for work?

Number 2: Mainstreet City Hall.

Number 2.1: Mainstreet.

Number 2.2: A bike locked to the wall the rings were for horses before.

Number 2.2:Before? No sometimes e.g. for a wedding the horses come back!.

Number 3: Cafe Bontekoe and a bit of the biggest church of Leiden in the background

Number 4: Leiden has many canals dug out hundreds of years ago and used to transport goods by boat.

Number 5: New building on the left old building on the right very old building in the middle.

Number 6: The bus station.
she must be reading about how to get a drivers license

Number 6.1: Floating Cafe.

Number 7: For cheese we go to Neuteboom.

Number 7.1: The windmill and bridge.

Number 7.21: The most famoes windmill of Leiden called Molen De Valk.

Number 8: The centre of the marketplace

Number 8.1: The saturday market

Number 9: And an closer look at Molen de Valk, If you like you can go inside it's a Museum now.
You should  be ready to climb alot of steps though!

Number 10:Another canal

Number 10.1:A quitet and beautiful street in the heart of Leiden

These Pictures were taken on a afternoon stroll through the City Of Leiden. When the sun comes out and I have time to spare,
I'll go for more.
Any comments, suggestions,
( or questions) let me know, thank you

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