Holland's biggest blues festival

An annual festival lasting two days, celebrating the blues from noon till 6 in the morning or let's say as long as you like

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I have some pictures for you: (go over the pictures with your mouse for extra info)

Setting up camp

Wow Harleys!

Are you ready for the blues

Yeah let's go to the big tent

Wow it is big!

Crank it up!!

 Stevie Ray Vaughan's  brother  Jimmy

 This guy from Texas  was having  the time of his life with his cam-corder

And then on our way home...
Oh, no more beer please, let's get a milkshake

While I'm enjoying my shake, hope to see some of you next year

Well if you are a blues lover I hope I've been able to give you an idea what to expect next year the 14th year of the festival.

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